About Us

The Family Advantage

Iron City Workplace Services is an independent, family-owned company that provides cleaning and rental programs for uniforms, mats, towels, restroom & hygiene products, mops, power washing, and document shredding.

We have been proud to partner with our local customers since our establishment in 1928. As we enter our 5th generation, we promise to continue living by our Core Family Values; specifically, caring for our customers and maintaining strong relationships through transparent invoicing, fast decision-making and solution-oriented service.

As a Family-Owned Company, every customer is cared for and treated with respect – a proclamation that a national company, with shareholders to impress, simply cannot make. We would appreciate the opportunity to strengthen your image and protect your facility with our rental and clean delivery programs. Let our experienced and professional Team supply you with the quality care and trust that we have delivered to our local customers for the last 85 years.

Contact us today if you’d like to more about how we might be able to serve your business.

Service Regions

Western PA
Central PA
West Virginia
Eastern Ohio

Main Office

6640 Frankstown Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15206

412-661-9356 Fax